Notary Public In Langley

Get To Know Lilian Cazacu

Lilian Cazacu, the founder partner of LC Notary Corporation, is a legal professional trained as a Lawyer in Europe, where he graduated from his Law School, Master's degree, and Doctoral Studies in law. After moving to Canada and obtaining his second Master's Degree at SFU, he became a Notary Public and started his own notary practice in Langley, so he can continue providing legal services as his long-time passion

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Our Award-Winning Team Keeps Being Recognized With Various Local And Regional Awards For Our Professionalism, Care, And Pursuit Of Excellence.

Lilian Cazacu’s incredible perseverance and pursuit of excellence enabled the success of his notary public practice, driven by his passion to help and educate his community regarding various legal and financial matters. Along with being selected as KPU Distinguished Alumni.

Lilian Cazacu holding awards

George Preston Business Person of the Year

langley chamber of commerce 2019

This award aims to recognize a community leader, contributor, and successful business operator. Lilian’s passion and drive speaks volumes and the Langley community is lucky to have him.

Lilian Cazacu receiving an award

Entrepreneur of the Year

langley chamber of commerce 2018

Lilian has been involved in many community projects and organizations. He continues to demonstrate strong leadership skills in our community and has been awarded several prestigious awards.

Lilian Cazacu and his wife

BC Immigrant Entrepreneur Of the Year

Small Business BC 2017

While most immigrants are faced with some of these obstacles, starting from not speaking the language, to not having any friends and family or financial means. Lilian has demonstrated outstanding resilience and dedication to his passion in overcoming all of those obstacles when moved to Canada

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Dedicating His Time To Better The Langley Community

Lilian moved to Canada after completing his bachelor, master, and doctoral studies in law and jurisprudence. However, since his 10+ years of legal education were not recognized, he had to go back to school while working in various menial jobs. Then he completed a second masters degree in applied legal studies at Simon Fraser University while working as a Wills & Estates Paralegal.

After being appointed as a BC Notary Public by the Supreme Court of BC, Lilian started and built from scratch his successful notary practice. Due to his hard-work, dilligence, and dedication to his pursuit of excellence, after a few years in business Lilian started to be ecognized with various business and community awards at the local and regional levels. Lilian coninues to be giving back to his community by being involved in various community projects and local non-profit organizations. He is very passionate about promoting financial and legal literacy in his community, and is always open to new educational speaking opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for your services?

Our legal fees for our services “value-based”, which means that the depend on (a) the amount of time spent on that particular service, (b) the amount of documents needing to prepare and/or sign, and (c) the amount or liability that we’re getting ourselves exposed to by doing that particular transaction or signing those particular documents.

How can I verify your notarial status?

Our notarial status most often is verified for any notarized international documents to be used abroad. Although international documents have to go through a “cycle of authentications” in order to be legalized/authenticated and be accepted outside Canada, the first level of verification is normally the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia (“SNPBC”), which is the regulatory body of BC Notaries. The SNPBC can verify our status and confirm us being in “good standing”.

Are there document that a notary public cannot notarize?

While Notaries are always approached with various documents to be notarized, there are documents that cannot just be “notarized”. First, any Agreements or Contracts that need signing and witnessing do not normally need to be “notarized”, since they are normally valid after being signed and witnessed by two witnesses. Moreover, the family-law related agreements (e.g. Cohabitation Agreements, Separation Agreements, etc.) cannot be witnessed by notaries, since that implies giving legal advice (and BC Notaries are not allowed to practice Family Law or any other type of law, except for Wills & Estates and Real Estates areas of law.)

What is a notary public?

The tradition of Notaries goes back over 2000 years- to the dawn of recorded history. Notaries laid down the Codex Hammurabi, the oldest evidence of recorded law. Notaries were also employed by the Catholic Church to guide the light of civilization through the Dark Ages. The Notary’s reputation for trustworthiness meant that documents retained a stable reliability throughout centuries of upheaval.

What does a notary public do?

BC Notaries can provide non-contentious legal services, but they cannot argue cases before a judge. In spite of some opinions that Notaries are not allowed to provide legal advice, British Columbia Courts have confirmed that Notaries can and are obliged to give accurate legal advice in areas in which they are authorized to practice and to the same standard as solicitors who are members of the Law Society of British Columbia. Moreover, the Legal Profession Act does not give a complete monopoly on the giving of legal advice and there is an explicit exemption for BC Notaries:”(1)(1)(j)the lawful practice of a notary public”.

The four main areas in which Notaries normally practice are Real Estates, Wills & Estates, Notarization, and Contracts. However, on the Society of Notaries of BC’s website you can find a list of over 30 services that BC Notaries can practice. The important part for our clients is that all the professional work performed by a Notary Public is covered by our insurance plan that protects them.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Beside bring the documents to be notaried, you would need to present at least two pieces of identification. Normally, at least one of them should be a “ picture ID” and the secondary piece of identification could be any other government-issued ID or a signed credit card. (e.g. birth certificate, SIN card, Medical Service Card, passport, BC ID, credit card, etc.)

Two Notary Office Locations (Langley & Aldergrove)

In order to serve you better, beside the main office in Langley (Willoughby area), we also have a 2nd office in Aldergrove, which is open "by appointment only" and can accomodate clients even after working hours.

Langley Notary Office:

(9am to 5pm & after 5pm by appointment only)

B415 - 20020 84th Avenue, Langley, BC V2Y 5K9

Aldergrove Notary Office:

(by appointment only)

26310 Fraser Highway, Unit 800,
Aldergrove, BC V4W 2Z7
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Relentless Pursuit Of Providing Excellent Notary Services In Langley area

Lilian Cazacu has been providing high-quality notary public services to the Langley community and continues to dedicate his time to helping and educating Langley residents on various non-contentious legal matters.