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Lilian Cazacu Notary Public provides fully certified real estate notary services in Langley and Aldergrove by doing all the searches and preparing all the necessary legal documents in relation to property transfers and mortgages.

Lilian Cazacu

Feel At Ease When Buying Or Selling Your Home

If you want to have peace of mind while purchasing or selling your home, you will need to engage a qualified professional offering reliable real estate notary services with due diligence and preparing your real estate documents


A "Transmission" is a transfer of real property either to the survivor of a joint tenancy when the other joint tenant has predeceased or to an Executor or Administrator of someone’s estate. Although this type of transfer is exempt from property transfer taxes, our real estate notary can guide you through the process and make sure the transfer or transmission is done appropriately, avoiding any future litigation or fraudulent conveyance issues.

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Mortgage Refinancing & Discharges

A "refinance" implies any changes to your current mortgage by discharging the current mortgage and acquiring of a new one. Or, in other words, borrowing money against the value of your home using your home as security. In a Refinance file, our role as your notary is to prepare the mortgage loan documents and explain them to you, so you can understand all the aspects of your borrowing, refinancing, and discharging your current mortgage, including the consequences of defaulting on your mortgage payments. "Discharging" a Mortgage happens when selling or paying off your current mortgage. In that case, we can help by doing all the searches and obtaining/filing a discharge of your mortgage in the Land Title Office.

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Family Transfers

After a family purchases a real estate property, very often they make further decisions of adding or removing someone on/from the title (e.g. due to Separation/Divorce, as family gifts, or other). While this legal process of a Land Title Transfer may seem the simplest of any real estate transactions, it actually may involve the most legal and taxation traps. Property Transfer Taxes, Probate fees and Capital Gains tax are only a few implications that have to be taken into consideration when doing a family transfer.  Having a professional real estate notary public by your side to file documents to the land titles office on your behalf could provide you with the peace of mind that all these aspects are considered and covered.

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While a realtor can help you actually find your home and sign the Contract, you will need a professional real estate notary public to do all the searches and prepare all the documents for conveying the legal title to you from the current owners. Involving a notary public as early in this process as possible can help you better understand this process, and ultimately it can save you time, money, and stress. Our approach is to make sure that our clients understand every aspect of the transaction, which makes them more confident and gives them more peace of mind, which can make this experience more enjoyable.

Langley Notary Services


Whether you are downsizing or buying a bigger house, selling your house can be an exciting yet challenging experience. A notary’s role in representing the seller is to make sure that all the mortgages, other liens or charges are removed from the title so a “free title” can be transferred upon receiving the sale price from the buyers.

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A Notary for All Your Real Estate Needs

Lilian Cazacu Notary Public can assist you with the closing documents for your real estate transaction. Backed by a team with years of experience, we can ensure a smooth and stress-free process. We have built a close working relationship with all chartered banks and many credit unions throughout our surrounding communities.

We understand that buying or selling a property can come with many challenges that may be overwhelming. Thefefore, we can assist and guide you step-by-step through this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a conveyance?

Conveyancing process implies the legal transfer of a property from an owner to another. While the Real Estate Agents are normally the professionals initially involved in in a Conveyance process, the actual legal work of preparing the conveyancing documents, sending them to the land titles office for approval, and then perform the transfer of the legal title from one party to the other must be performed by a real estate Notary Public or a Lawyer. That’s why a Notary or a Lawyer who practices real estate conveyancing it is also called a Conveyancer.

What is property transfer tax?

Property Transfer Tax (PTT) is a levy that is paid each time when someone purchases or gains an interest in a real estate property that is registered at the Land Title Office (unless that person qualifies for an exemption). While the municipal Property Tax is paid annually, this Property Transfer Tax, is paid only when the ownership of the property is transferred to another person. (Besides the Transfers in Fee simple, the PTT is also applicable on other conveyancing transactions, such as the Agreements for Sale, Life Estates, Foreclosures, Leases, etc.)

How much do you charge for your real estate services?

Our legal fees for our real estate services are “value-based”, which means that they depend on (a) the amount of time spent on that particular service, (b) the amount of documents needing to prepare and/or sign, and (c) the amount or liability that we’re getting ourselves exposed to by doing that particular transaction or signing those particular documents for real estate services.

How can I verify your notarial status?

Our notarial status most often is verified for any notarized international documents to be used abroad. Although international documents have to go through a “cycle of authentications” in order to be legalized/authenticated and be accepted outside Canada, the first level of verification is normally the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia (“SNPBC”), which is the regulatory body of BC Notaries. The SNPBC can verify our status and confirm us being in “good standing”. Society of Notaries Public of BC: #8221

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Depending on your type of appointment, you may need to bring with you:

  • Two pieces of government-issued identification,
    one of which must be a picture ID. (e.g., BC Driver’s License, Canadian passport, Firearms License, NEXUS, etc.) and
    b. 2nd piece of ID, such as your SIN card, credit card signed on the back, birth certificate, BC services card, etc.
  • a personalized VOID cheque (for Purchases & Refinances), which would show the bank account where the new mortgage will be drawn out from monthly. (If you don’t have an actual VOID cheque, please bring us stamped & signed Bank document, which can prove your bank account details. We would then submit your mortgage loan documents for approval).
  • The Balance Required to Complete (mostly for Purchases & Refinances) in a form of a Bank Draft or Certified cheque. (Since we cannot calculate this amount way in advance and most likely will be able to give you the exact amount only a couple days before your appointment, please arrange for those funds to be available to you on a 12-hour notice by your financial institution.)
  • your SIN card (If you don’t have it, you could bring us a copy of your T4 or NOA as proof of your social insurance number.) 

Two Notary Office Locations (Langley & Aldergrove)

In order to serve you better, beside the main office in Langley (Willoughby area), we also have a 2nd office in Aldergrove, which is open "by appointment only" and can accomodate clients even after working hours.

Langley Notary Office:

(9am to 5pm & after 5pm by appointment only)

B415 - 20020 84th Avenue, Langley, BC V2Y 5K9

Aldergrove Notary Office:

(by appointment only)

26310 Fraser Highway, Unit 800,
Aldergrove, BC V4W 2Z7
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Relentless Pursuit Of Providing Excellent Notary Services In Langley area

Lilian Cazacu has been providing high-quality notary public services to the Langley community and continues to dedicate his time to helping and educating Langley residents on various non-contentious legal matters.