Refinancing Mortgage Canada

Our role as your notary is to make sure that you receive proper legal advice about the mortgage agreement that you are signing and you understand all the aspects of borrowing.

Wills and Estates Services

All Your Mortgage Needs

Lilian Cazacu Notary Public can help simplify the confusing mortgage process . We can help you with refinancing and discharging so that you can get the most out of your mortgage.

Mortgage Refinancing

Lilian Cazacu Notary helps you understand how  to refinance your mortgage in Canada, and inform you about the consequences of defaulting on your mortgage payments.

Estate Planning

Mortgage Discharging

When selling or paying off your mortgage, we can help by preparing all the required documents and filing a discharge of your mortgage in the Land Title Office.

Langley Notary Mortgage services

Changes To Your Mortgage

Any changes to your current mortgage require a refinancing process, which implies a discharge of the current mortgage and the acquiring of a new one; or, in other words, borrowing money against the value of your home using your home as security.

Langley Notary Estate Planning
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Mortgage Refinancing Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for mortgage refinancing in Canada?

Similarly with our other services, our pricing for a mortgage refinancing is also value-based, since it depends on many aspects of your particular case, based on the time required, the complication of the file, the type of lender, etc. In order to get a more accurate quote, please give us a call and after you discuss directly with our Notary, he will send you back an extensive explanation of our Process and Pricing, so you can be confident what exactly is included and what is not included in our fees.

How can I verify your notarial status?

Our notarial status most often is verified for any notarized international documents to be used abroad. Although international documents have to go through a “cycle of authentications” in order to be legalized/authenticated and be accepted outside Canada, the first level of verification is normally the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia (“SNPBC”), which is the regulatory body of BC Notaries. The SNPBC can verify our status and confirm us being in “good standing”.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Beside bring the documents to be notarized, you would need to present at least two pieces of identification. Normally, at least one of them should be a “ picture ID” and the secondary piece of identification could be any other government-issued ID or a signed credit card. (e.g. birth certificate, SIN card, Medical Service Card, passport, BC ID, credit card, etc.)

Two Notary Office Locations (Langley & Aldergrove)

In order to serve you better, beside the main office in Langley (Willoughby area), we also have a 2nd office in Aldergrove, which is open "by appointment only" and can accomodate clients even after working hours.

Langley Notary Office:

(9am to 5pm & after 5pm by appointment only)

B415 - 20020 84th Avenue, Langley, BC V2Y 5K9

Aldergrove Notary Office:

(by appointment only)

26310 Fraser Highway, Unit 800,
Aldergrove, BC V4W 2Z7
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Relentless Pursuit Of Providing Excellent Notary Services In Langley area

Lilian Cazacu has been providing high-quality notary public services to the Langley community and continues to dedicate his time to helping and educating Langley residents on various non-contentious legal matters.