Why You Don’t Really Need a Will….

June 17, 2022

Wills and Estates

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Since sometimes it’s hard to demonstrate why people need to write their Wills, here are some of the reasons why you don’t really need a Will:

  • Since you don’t care about those people who will outlive you, why should you care about providing for them?
  • Since our government administers our taxes so wisely, why should you appoint an Executor to administer your estate instead of letting the Government manage it and divide it according to its own rules?
  • Since you are already saving and investing all your money, why should you spend few extra hundreds of dollars for writing a Will?
  • Since most families lack feuds and problems, why should you deny your family members that opportunity to fight over your estate when you don’t leave a Will?
  • Since you are already enjoying paying taxes during your life, why should you plan for minimizing them for when you die?
  • Since your kids and relatives are richer than you are, why should you pay few hundred dollars now, if they could pay their lawyers thousands of dollars to battle in court for your estate?
  • Since providing for your family members would make them lazy and irresponsible, isn’t it better to not give them anything?
  • Since our court system knows what’s best for our minor children, why should you appoint a Guardian for them?
  • Since grieving process increases the chances of generating more conflict, why should you plan in advance if your relatives will fight anyway?
  • Since you believe in the superstition that if you write your Will you’ll die shortly after that, maybe it’s time to stop planning everything you do on a daily basis, including eating healthy and exercising regularly… and then you will live forever!

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